Monday, 22 July 2013

Contrast colours

I seem to have embarked on a series of patterned bears recently. Having made a Panda, I then went on to make a bi-colour bear from brown and cream Alpaca, not a Panda but with a distinct colour division in his body and contrasting patches on his paws.

The latest is a black and cream bear, again made from dense short Alpaca.  I wanted to keep more black overall so the contrast on his body is quite a small area and his limbs are all one colour. I tried to reflect the proportion and general shape of the contrast from his head in a special shaped patch on his chest.

The patch on his snout is tapered into his forehead and the fur scissor sculpted to add shape around his mouth.
 As usual with this pattern he is designed to stand quite comfortably and the short fur helps show the shapes and make quite crisp divisions between the colours.

This one is called Gregory at the request of his new owner

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