Monday, 17 June 2013

Ten Months and Nine Days

I don't really know how to begin this post,   I don't  have the eloquence to express the loss and sadness that has overwhelmed me at the very premature death of my beautiful young Newfie, Buster.

He died on June 12th from dreadful complications following surgery.  He was only ten months and 9 days old, not even fully grown and just turning from a puppy into a young dog with the sweetest disposition I have ever known.
I am trying very hard to keep reminding myself that Nature never promised that life would be fair, it's road sets many obstacles and trials, and the rewards are all the richer for accepting and understanding that.
Try as I might to understand just at the moment all I can feel is that it is so very wrong that this most beautiful creature should not even live long enough to reach maturity, Mother Nature dealt him a cruel hand.
From the moment I first held him at a few days old I just knew he was meant to be my dog, and I counted the days impatiently waiting for him to come home, my biggest concern was how the others would take to him.  It was a joy to watch them all learn to live together so well, Angus even allowed him to share his special sleeping place. Needless to say we became a very happy family, I never imagined having three Newfies at the same time but I loved it, it was glorious.
Buster was brave, and stoic and never showed anything but a gentle loving nature even after he must have been in great pain in the last days after the surgery had failed.  Dogs are amazing creatures and Buster certainly proved that far beyond the call of duty.
Today his ashes came home and I thought it was time that I revealed this saddest news, he was a truly stunningly beautiful dog, his markings were my dream of what a Newfie should be, best of all was his sweet gentle nature.  I have proudly enjoyed sharing his pictures and some of my adventures with him and I am devastated to be sharing the news of his early death.
Angus and Posh are here to comfort me and I will be brave to honour Buster.
That's enough words.... I expect some of you have seen these pictures before but they are so pretty that there is no harm in sharing them again...

Thank you my boy for every moment we shared.... Love you always Mr Busto Boost....

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bank Holiday Walk

I just wanted to share some photos of a visit to Polesden Lacey, a favourite National Trust Estate, not too far from home and one which allows dogs in much of its parkland and countryside.

The Newfies prefer to stay cool so on a sunny day the only thing to do is get up very early and we were there long before the house opens but access to the grounds is allowed and it was a bright, fresh morning with plenty of shaded places to rest under the trees.

When I say "walk" the reality is more of a gentle stroll and lots of sitting admiring the scenery.  This was Buster's first visit to Polesden, I am sure he has already picked out his favourite bench from which to enjoy the view and country air, I can't think of anything more delightful to do than share it with him....