Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Pattern - Douglas & Desmond

It's not often I sit down to create a new pattern from scratch;  I wanted to revisit an older idea for a series of bears using short fur to show up the actual shape of the design, I also wanted to create a face which was a little more of a caricature.  I have called this a new pattern but I think in reality it is evolution from earlier ideas.

So the bear is not really entirely new but he is my current take on a design from the past:  Some bright spark once joked about a new Volvo design....  every part is different but it looks much the same, a very sensible approach really and I hope still identifiable as mine.

The body is quite plump and the limbs shaped, the elbows curving to match the shape of the legs.  The snout is quite long, flat sided and narrow and the eyes set quite close together, he also has small tightly curled ears.

The bear has 5 joints and stands approximately 18 inches tall.   The first one is made from a stone/cream coloured Alpaca, it lays very flat and has a quite woolly texture and shows the shaping of the body and limbs.

The second bear is made from a short distressed mohair in a soft oyster gold colour, again chosen to focus on the shape of the bear, the head and face in particular are designed to be made from a short fabric to allow the proportions of the pattern to create the face and snout.

These bears will all have my signature set, waxed and polished nose embroidery and small vintage boot button eyes which I think have a more soulful expression.

 A close of his face, quite tricky to photograph with that long snout, hopefully a kind and intelligent expression.

Both bears will shortly be listed on my website now I am happy with the new pattern and hopefully, time allowing they will lead to other bears in this "family".

Both Bears have now sold from my website but others using the design will follow in due course