Monday, 13 January 2014

Approved pre-owned Bears

I have a number of  bears which I have agreed to re-home on behalf of a long standing customer.  They are from a very large collection and have all been kept in specially made cabinets since new.  I am not sure about taking this on but when the box arrived I was intrigued to see some old friends, and as this person was so keen he very often got to my table first and picked out some interesting bears.  Including 2 very small ones which I have rarely made.

Full details are on my website but I thought I would just post some pictures here.
I wasn't sure how to describe these bears, re-homes, orphans or the like, or even approved used, approved pre-owned.  However they are described leads to the same conclusion, the owner wanted to sell them and seemed unable to organise doing so through the usual internet facilities, I didnt really want to get involved but on reflection I thought perhaps some of my current mailing list collectors might be pleased to have a chance to see them.

The earliest is from 1999 and they are not in my current style and proportion but very much representative of  my style from that era, I particularly like the very stocky caricature grizzly bear.

Being re-homes I find it quite difficult to price them compared with new bears and as such I will be prepared to  consider offers depending on the response, they are all different of course and some very unusual.  Yes, I will be keeping a commission sum for myself from the sale which helps me as well as giving some much needed assistance to the former owner.

If you would like more information please visit my website and click the "Rehome" link, or e.mail direct for further information:-

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