Sunday, 12 January 2014

A New Year ?

I have completed the first bear of the New Year, normal hours seem to have resumed everywhere so 2014 is well under way.  I have never really taken much notice of New Year Resolutions, I am a creature of habit and it has usually taken more than a date change to make me change my ways. At the moment I am looking ahead at a variety of hurdles, I have some stark choices to make about what I do for the future.

Last year I lost my puppy Buster, the loss of a youngster and the circumstances of his death is still very much with me, but he was beautiful, brave and magnificent; it was a privilege and a joy to have owned him and I will treasure my memories of him and will always be glad and proud that he was part of my family. I had to say good bye to Posh in September, such an affectionate and precious old lady, I console myself with the fact that she achieved a very grand old age, I miss our gentle strolls across the village to watch the world go by.

Hard as it was to lose them, have accepted as a dog owner that you have to learn to live with the sadness of saying good bye to them, but other things were going wrong too which were leading me to a sorry state of affairs and it is those other things which must now be faced.

So now I am going to tackle 2014, Mr Bond is growing fast and Angus is watching over me with his usual close eye so with my beautiful doggies and the help and support of my friends I will make sure that I will turn things back in my favour.

So that's it, that's my new year rumblings, last year stank, and not really for the obvious reasons, this year might end up with its own dramas but I think I have finally seen the light !

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  1. Hi Gergory, I do hope your plans work for you. Those pups that left you last year were very, very lucky to have an owner and friend like you to live with.
    Good luck with your changes.