Friday, 27 September 2013

Classic Bear - New 10 Inch Pattern

Still getting smaller, this is a new pattern now down to 10 inches, well perhaps that is a little optimistic and he is more like 10.5 including his ears.



I have made one or two bears around 6 inches tall in the past, I find the temptation to grow them larger again very strong because I do find the work a little fiddly for my fingers at that size, this 10 inch size is just about small enough to be comfortable to work with. 

Finding a supply of genuine vintage boot buttons in a suitable size is tricky, so I have to keep a look out and match up pairs from my supply.  On this bear the slightly larger proportion give him a more cub like look.


I returned to my ideal of a bear which will stand by itself too, I don't want to alter the vintage feel by adding weight to the feet so the balance is just in the design, helped by nice long feet.

This is Gilbert, the first bear available from the new pattern, others will be in different colours and each will have an individual finish.  Gilbert has been heavily aged and his fur is a faded greenish goldish grey colour, the foot pads are stained and I would say his overall appearance is "dusty attic find"

On this bear the wood wool filling is crunchy but quite firm.
Please visit my website to see if Gilbert is still available and for information on availability of more bears in this pattern
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