Friday, 31 May 2013


I am not sure that I will ever get around to clothing my bears.  My mum's supply of sweaters is running low so I thought I should re-visit the clothing department.

So, recently I have been making waistcoats for some of the bears.

Not satisfied with basics I was determined that they would be lined, including the tricky "hump" area and that they would have working buttonholes.

The sewing machine needs a certain amount of gentle persuasion to get everything just right to make neat buttoholes but many, many experiments later I think I won.

I was lucky enough to be given a large number of nice old buttons in suitably small sizes.  I find it satisfying but very time consuming to make the little waistcoats but it seems to be the sort of clothing that a bear might like to wear.  Nicholas didn't mind taking his off to demonstrate the nice stripey lining going right into the hump, and the fully functioning buttonholes.

For ultimate perfection the buttonholes should be hand sewn but for the moment that is work in progress and I am not sure I would want to make 5 of them and try to get them all the same.

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  1. Gregory, How could you even think of doing button holes by hand. That is hard work.....
    Your bear looks very happy with his wait coat.