Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Bear of the New Year

Jason the first Bear of the New Year

It seemed a good idea to begin the New Year with another bear made just according to my own personal preference and I felt very much in the mood to stick with the simple charms of a happy friendly classic Ted, gently aged just the way I like them.

I have made a few changes to a favourite classic bear pattern; Depending on the fabric he still stands around 16.5 to 17" tall.

Jason is made from a very traditional Yellow Gold Colour mohair.  When I decide how much to "age" a bear I am often inspired by bears I have owned or seen over the years in terms of just how age has affected them.  Jason is a reminder for me of a vintage bear I used to own.  He was made of the same rather bright yellow gold cloth, when I found him he was in pretty good condition, Lightly thinned and matted in places and rather dusty. I have just developed a new way of adding a "dust" effect which I have used on Jason. His stuffing had become looser so that he was slightly crunchy but not really sagging or floppy.  Time had softened the rather harsh colour.  So on this occasion Jason's fatiguing is to reflect the older bear which I sadly no longer own.
And.... just to show that he can... Jason standing up by himself, although I suspect he would find this for long periods unattended.

I have given Jason another of the sweaters knitted by my late mum.   I used to have quite a few of them but the supply of suitable ones in this size is running out, I guess I will have to make a new pattern to fit the smaller sweaters.

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  1. I love your style of bear, Gregory, and Jason is a fine example - a Happy New Year to you both!