Monday, 9 July 2012

Twenty Years Making Bears

It sometimes seems only a short time ago that I made the break from my  life of management accounts and budgets in the City and became a full time bear maker.  It was actually 20 years ago and to say that the time has flown by is no exaggeration.
I marked the 10th Anniversary year with a limited edition of 10 bears and I thought that having reached 20 I should embark on a similar project.

However for 2012 I had already committed to make 2 other commemorative editions in the early part of the year, those of you who know me well will realise that was unusual enough in itself so I didn't really want to make another "edition" during the same year.

So I came up with the notion of a special 20th Anniversary Series.  The idea is that each bear will be a different one of a kind.  Some of these bears will be remakes of older favourites, they might be special because they represented a new venture for me or simply because they are bears which I particularly liked.  Some will be a realisation I have had on my wish list for a while.  The idea is that whatever the style of the bear they will be my own very personal choice.

The first of these bears is called Higgs.    He is inspired by a bear which I made as a Christmas present for a very special friend some 11 years ago. I still often see the original bear and I have tried to capture the same friendly intelligent expression and posture of the original and he is made from the same dense swirly fur but I have chosen the rather striking dusty coral colour.  So I suppose I would say he fits into the category of a re-make of an old friend but with a surprise in the colouring.  He is called Higgs because I happened to finish him on the day the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle was announced, I am not clever enough to understand exactly what that is all about but I think the bear probably does.

I am not setting any date deadlines for these bears, I will be making them from time to time over the remainder of the year and they will only be available from me direct, through my website or at shows.

I intend to make a blog post to describe each of the special bears and I am planning a special gallery for them on the website.
The last 20 years have brought me great pleasure and taken me on many journies, I have many exciting projects already lined up and plans for many new ideas so I am looking forward to many more years growing bears but I think it is a good idea to mark the achievement of the first 20 in this way.


  1. I love this bear. What a kind expression.

  2. What a beautiful soul. I love the placement of his head forward. Hugs

  3. Such a wonderful bear; I love his big chunky body and his sweet sweet expression!

  4. What a kindly, gently smiling expression Higgs possesses. Yes he knows who you REALLY are but your secrets are safe… a bear to get your arms around and have a really good hug!! Thank you Gregory you made me smile today.

  5. I can't improve on all the above comments - they say what I would have said but better - but I do love Higgs. His conformity is wonderful, and his expression warms the heart. Congratulations on twenty years well spent, Gregory.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, I enjoy making the blog pages and it is always a great reward to know that I have been able to share my pleasure making the bears and trying to capture their personality in the photographs.

  7. Yes, indeed, it's a wonderful teddy bear, he has got a sweet expression and I personally love the ears :-))) Congratulations on your 20th anniversary Gregory!!! Beary hugs from Iris and Felix-Bear xxx

  8. Congratulations on your twenty year anniversary Gregory - such a significant achievement!

    Your series of twentieth anniversary bears will be very special, I look forward to meeting them on your blog as they come into being xxx