Saturday, 8 October 2011

Green Party - "Jack" Teddy Clown

It has been a very busy time so my bear for this year's Green Party at House of Bears began his journey rather late and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will actually arrive in time !

The theme is Old Timers and I am not very strong on theme ideas but I enjoyed the chance to use stronger colours and make a "traditional" Teddy bear Clown. His suit is made from vintage mohair plush, fragile but strengthened, and the white head and feet are made from new mohair which has been quite subtly aged and fatigued. His excelsior stuffing has been left quite loose and crushed so he has a slightly saggy crunchy feel, the trimmings are vintage buttons and a simple collar made from old fabric.

The event is organised in support of Macmillan cancer so this is an individual bear made for this store just for this event - e.mail

1 comment:

  1. Hope he made it in time for the event, he looks fabulous! I love the rich red and the mix of old and new mohair :0)