Saturday, 27 August 2011

Woolbeding Garden

Woolbeding, essentially still a private home leased from the National Trust, sits in picture perfect Sussex countryside, the Trust opens the garden during the summer for a couple of days each week. It was a rather wet day when we visited but the gardens are fascinating and full of beautiful detail so still very rewarding even if some of the flowers were a little bruised by our recent rain. It is a very unusual garden and a very personal project carried out lovingly over many years, I felt priviledged to be allowed to visit. It could only be improved by a small pack of Newfoundlands and puppies playing on the neatly clipped lawns.
To control visitor numbers visits to the garden have to be booked in advance through the National Trust and to visit it is best to Park at Uppark and use the shuttle bus.

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  1. Woolbeding is a perfect garden and house - an absolute delight