Monday, 29 August 2011

Birthday at Polesden Lacey

Yesterday I reached my 55th birthday and decided to mark the occasion with a smoked salmon picnic with Ian and his mum at Polesden Lacey. Formerly the home of legendary socialite and hostess Mrs Greville it is now yet another National Trust property, there were a large number of visitors enjoying outside Jazz and other entertainment, so kind of them all to come on my birthday, and the gardens not at their most colourful but I have happy memories of visits to Polesden over many years and always just enjoy being there, day dreaming and enjoying the atmosphere.

I think it was one of the first expeditions I made when I first learned to drive, I remember visiting with my mum and it was one of her favourite places too.

As we walked around the house someone was playing Ivor Novello on the piano and it all made me feel very nostalgic.

The picnic turned out in true British tradition as we huddled under gathered umbrellas munching raspberries but a lovely gentle way to celebrate a birthday. It wasn't really the day for pictures of the gardens as it was just too busy but I managed to find some pleasing flowers not too battered by recent rain.

The visit was yet another reminder of how very glad I am to have decided not to move home last year, this part of the world is home and familiar and has so many places with treasured memories, I would have missed them very much if I moved too far away to enjoy them all so often.


  1. It was a real pleasure to enjoy Mrs Greville's day at Polesden yesterday as part of your birthday experience. We also had the opportunity to explore new parts of the house which made it even more memorable occasion. The pictures you have taken capture the spirit of the place very well :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed a pleasant and relaxing birthday Gregory! :0)