Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dare to be fragile

In my earliest bear collecting days I was drawn to the classic vintage bears. In my own work I periodically revisit my own classic bears patterns with the benefit of experience. I was always enchanted by the fragility of some the vintage bears, they bore the signs of many years of Teddy Bear duty as companion and comfort for their first owners and I try to simulate this gentle wear in many of my own classic bears.

I also like the feel of a very old bear, the firm but crunchy feeling aged wood-wool, the looser limbs and saggy parts are very much part of the appeal. I remember being very taken with a little Steiff bear at Christie's which was almost completely empty, it just asked to be treated very kindly and be taken care of.

So as well as in appearance I have also been braver in making some of my classic bears feel fragile and understuffed so that they invite care and gentle attention and have the right weight and feel.

This little bear is my latest pattern, around 14 inches tall and made as a Teddy Clown so I can have a bit of fun with some delicate colours, adorned with a simple cotton collar and shell buttons on the costume.

This one has been named Miranda, unusual for me to make a girl bear but I had just been watching Miranda Hart who always cheers me up so I thought this bear could adopt her name.


  1. Wow! The four square body (reminds me of a game I use to play as a child)is my favorite in clown bears. She is sensational!

  2. Beautiful, perfect . . . just how a bear should be! An absolute stunner :0)