Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Just as I thought everything was going so well in the bear making frenzy before the Stratford Bear show I seem to have developed a severe dose of man flu... well the unpleasant seasonal cold anyway. Not the most interesting information to share but it has somewhat slowed my bear growing pace and it means that I do not have any preview photographs available.

Angus installed himself under the desk this morning so he is keeping my feet warm and encouraging me to keep working.

I have managed to find a smallish growler which I have successfully installed in the latest new small classic bear :-)


  1. Not the dreaded Man Flu! Nothing worse when you're trying to keep on top of things :0( Hope you're feeling better soon - try not to pass it on to Angus! :0)

  2. thank you, fortunately dogs don't seem to catch man flu, would be a nightmare with a nose that size :-)