Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Small Traditional Bears

I have been having great fun working on some new smaller bears, I like my classic bears to be quite care worn these days and I have been getting braver with some very loose crumbly filling on the larger ones. My aim was to make small bears, often requested but somehow they never seemed to shrink very much.

At last though success and these latest classic Teds are a mere 12 inches tall ( ok that is not very very small but it is about as small as I can comfortably make).

I wanted them to evoke the fragile nature of quite well worn old bear which needs a gentle attentive owner. At this size they can still be quite loosely filled and still have that wonderful crunchy feel that a traditionally filled bear often has when his filling has settled and crushed a little. Both of these bears have small genuine vintage boot button eyes and I will use these for as long as my precious supply lasts. The nose and claw embroidery thread has been fatigued and faded and the bears subjected to much careful attention in order to remove any trace of newness in their hand dyed mohair. They are filled with fine excelsior wood wool which has been squashed and fatigued. It would be nice to have growlers in them but I haven't found a small enough one which makes a big enough growl... yet.

Both of these bears are now sold but I will be making some more in this size, different colours and some in traditional teddy bear colours, if you wish to be on my mailing list you will receive notification as soon as more bears are available, for details please visit or e.mail me at


  1. Success indeed!!!! You know you are going to have to make MORE of these don't you!!! :0))))

  2. I already another "hatching" alongside larger bears, I find it quite relaxing making the smaller pieces after a day spent stuffing a big grizzly bear.